Plane Tracker – Finding your flight the easy way


We from offer you the possibility to track a flight respectively a plane of choice live and for free. With the help of Flightradar and Casperflights you are able to see exactly where your selected plane is currently located. The plane tracking works by dint of Google Maps and is aligned quite precisely. With the so-called flight radar, you are always up-to-date and aware of where your acquaintances and friends are remaining in airspace. Have fun with our plane tracker and may you and your friends always have a good and safe flight.

How plane tracker works with the flight radar

Do you need help with the plane tracker? No sweat, we shortly explain to you how to pilot the flight radar. With the help of the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols on the side you are able to zoom in and out of the Google Maps. Alternatively, you can search for an airport, for example Berlin Tegel and track a flight from Air Berlin. In case there is no flight displayed on the flight tracker (flight radar, plane tracker) please zoom in a bit into the map. Furthermore, when clicking a plane the flight route will be displayed. Sometimes the line is hardly visible. Then as well it is advisable to zoom in a bit. Don´t be surprised in case the route line cannot be tracked to the exact destination. The route is built up bit by bit. Hereby, overloading is prevented when tracking planes with the flight radar.

Why do I need plane tracker?

Good question! You don´t have use the plane tracker, but a lot of people do want to track their friends and family live since phone calls are not allowed on planes. It is not like going with the car, where one is always able to stop by motorway service area and make a phone call. The live plane tracker offers you the possibility to trigger your friends` location – comfortably online and without any costs. No need to spend time waiting in the service hotline, no effort. Just go online and have a look at the flight radar.

Thus, live tracking of air traffic does not have to do with flights of acquaintances or friends. In case one regards air space or air traffic as a hobby – or might even be a pilot – one can have a look at the plane tracker just out of interest to see the movements of planes. How many planes are heading to London or Madrid? Many questions, one answer: plane tracking is easy as never before, thanks to flight radar, our plane tracker and Google Maps.

No hundred percent safety on flight radar

The flight radar primarily serves as a guideline. Therefore, please do not expect a hundred per cent specificity or safety when using the plane tracker. Of course, live data can vary, while there always is a delay in data transfer. However, we can state there is always sufficient information for tracking a certain plane. In fact, we would not want to miss this service. A possible application would e.g. be when a friend or relative needs to be picked up from the airport. In this case, you can have a quick look at the plane tracker and check out departure and arrival time.

Plane tracker also interesting for drone owners

Owners of a drone (or several drones) certainly know one must eye the air space. Please mind the legal obligations and do not aviate your drone higher than 100 metres (328 feet). Furthermore, a safe distance of 1,5 kilometres to the next airport is mandatory and statutory. In case you are searching for a new flight space for your drone and are not sure whether planes are using this space, you can use the plane tracker to find out. Thanks to Google Maps you can also find a whole new territory, however you should always consider that drones may only fly on private area.

All advantages at a glance:

  • No charges
  • No installation necessary
  • Comfortably via Google Maps
  • Live plane tracking without any effort

As you can see, today live plane tracking is not a big deal anymore. We wish you will enjoy the plane tracker and hope you like our website.

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