Track a flight with the flight checker


Airplanes have been considered as the most important means of transportation for long distances for years – also as the safest way of travelling (considered statistically). Without Airplanes, long-distance holidays, e.g. travelling to America, would only be feasible by ship. This way of travelling would be very time-consuming. Still, one question stays at the back of the mind of friends or acquaintances: „Did he/she arrive safely?“

Good question, easy answer: Why not track a flight and use our flight checker? Comfortably on the internet – that’s exactly what is possible today and you need nothing but a computer or laptop and an internet connection. On our website you can track flights and call other data, e.g. boarding or landing time. Using a flight checker has never been that easy.

Using a flight checker gives you relief

Thoughts about safety are and will always stay at the back of the mind of friends or acquaintances. It is part of the human nature to worry about the loved ones. Whoever wants to track a flight is able to do this with the help of Casperflights Data and the connection to Google Maps. We have embedded the map on this website. Simply choose the airport, flight number or airplane and you can get started with the flight checker. It has never been as easy tracking a flight live as it is today on the internet.

By the way, delays are also displayed on the flight checker. In case a friend or acquaintance needs to be picked up from the airport, one can comfortably have a look at the flight checker online to see if there are any current delays for the specific flight. This way one is always up-to-date – even on one’s way using the mobile phone.

How does the flight checker actually work?

That’s a legitimate question! Airplanes (not each!), especially the ones of civilian aviation, are equipped with so called transponder. Transponder are transmitting signals which conduce to flight tracking. As it is civilian aviation, the transponders’ signal may be publicly accessible and processed. Military signal is not intended for this use and may not be recalled. This is not possible anyway (offhand).

All data is transferred to flight tracking services like Casperflight or the Flight Tracker. The use of the data is possible without technical knowledge or effort. For tracking a flight, you do not need to do anything further. Simply choose the airplane and check out the flight and all the other information. The flight checker, or rather our flight tracking software is dealing with the rest in the background.

Some applicatory examples for using the flight checker

Not only acquaintances or friends give you a reason to use the flight checker. Assuming that personnel of your company are travelling to a meeting by plane and their flight should record a delay. Thanks to the flight checker you are able to inform the colleagues in the other city about the delay. This way the meeting can be rescheduled in time. Very useful, isn’t it? A second good example is the pickup of a friend, colleague or business partner. You are able to track the flight comfortably on your mobile device, you do not need a computer or laptop. This way you can always see the current data and are able to arrange your schedule to arrive at the airport in time.

No Limits in tracking flights with the flight checker

Unfortunately, we must admit that not all information can be transmitted one-to-one. But this is – in our opinion – simply logical. You might know it from a telephone, tv or internet connection. There always is a delay. So, it can actually happen that the data you see might be a few seconds old. Of course, this is not particularly bad, when it comes to the flight checker. The data transmission is not delayed by minutes or even hours, merely by maximum a few seconds.

Thus, the delay does not really have an impact on any of your plans. Particularly since the flight checker is mostly used as a hobbie, out of pure interest or for the peace of conscience. We wish you loads of fun using the flight checker.

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