Tracking flights simply with Flightradar24


Flightradar24 is one of the first addresses if you want to check a flight status. Information transmitted by plane´s transponders is displayed on the map and can be recalled by click. Flightradar24 e.g. transmits the flying altitude and flight speed. Besides, information like departure and arrival time can be recalled. There could be a lot of other data listed here which can be retrieved on the flight radar. Convince yourself and use Flightradar24 to check a flight status.

This is how easy Flightradar24 works

To track flights on Flightradar24 you do not need any technical knowledge. A PC, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet suffices to check a flight status. If there is no map displayed, be sure there is Java or Flash installed on your device.

The navigation on the map is done by mouse, your finger or touchpad – depending on which device you are using. On Flightradar24 you can choose your airport or plane and yet can get started. Therefore, only type in the flight number and you can check out the flight status. If you e.g. need to pick up a friend at the airport, you will also get a departure time or possible delays displayed. But there is even more to it than that. It is also displayed how many kilometres the plane already covered and still needs to cover.

Therefore, Flightradar24 is so useful

The benefit of Flightradar24 is obvious. A lot of people view flight tracking as a hobby and want to monitor the air space nearby. Thus, being able to check a flight status has other positive features. If you are waiting for a business partner who is on his way to your company, you can check his flight status and know exactly when you can pick him up at the airport. This way you can prevent arriving at the airport way too early or too late and avoid awkward situations.

Same with friends and family, who are on holidays or coming home from holiday. With the help of Flightradar24 you can check their flight status and always be sure that they will arrive at their destiny safely. A lot of people cannot rest easy while friends or family are up in the air. It doesn´t have to be this way, especially since planes are the safest means of transportation.

Some applicatory examples for using Flightradar24

Not only family or friends give you a reason to check a flight status. Assuming that personnel of your company are travelling to a meeting by plane and their flight should record a delay. Thanks to Flightradar24 you can check their flight status and inform the colleagues in the other city about the delay.

Useful information thanks to the Flightradar24 App

If you own a smartphone or tablet you can install the Flightradar24 App and will get important information about your flight status delivered directly on your device. In case you are on your way to the airport, the app is telling you about the flight status and possible delays. This way you always stay updated about the flight status and won’t miss a thing.

The app is giving you almost the same information about the flight status which passengers get to see on the monitors on the plane. Whether if there’s delays or untimeliness – the Flightradar24 App is a must for all fans of flight tracking. Of course, the Flightradar24 App is for free. It is available for iOS and Android and can be installed on your device by one single click.

The handling of the app is designed very easy and there is no technical knowledge needed. The App is not only giving you information on your flight status but even showing you information about the weather, so you can prepare yourself for rain, snow or sunshine. Very useful, isn’t it?

Stay updated thanks to Flightradar24 Social Media

Besides the App, you can also stay updated through social media. Flightradar24 is active on Facebook and Twitter and reports about current events. Unfortunately, Flightradar24 can certainly not report about every plane.

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